One of the most common questions we get is this; why do I need a consultation in order to book a colour service? Why can’t I just book online or over the phone immediately?

People often visit our website or come to our salon in Hobart and expect to get a same-day colour service for their hair. Unfortunately, there are very few situations where we’ll offer this and there are some good reasons for it. So we put together this article to explain exactly why a consultation is so crucial before you decide to book a colour service with us.

What does a colour service actually involve?

For starters, we need to understand what a colour service actually involves. In most cases, a colour service is divided into different categories; permanent, semi-permanent and lighteners.

Permanent hair colour involves changing your hair’s natural pigment to create a completely different hair colour. This means that your natural hair colour needs to be taken into consideration to achieve the colour that you want. Permanent hair dyes can be fairly complex to ensure that they aren’t simply rinsed out when you wash your hair.

Semi-permanent hair colour also involves the use of chemicals, although milder than permanent colour but will typically start fading away in five to ten washes. Although the colours are vibrant and can help you achieve unique shades in your hair, it’s important to understand that it requires constant maintenance if you want to keep a specific hair colour.

Lightening hair colour generally involves making your base hair colour lighter.

These are the most common types of colour services that we offer our customers. In reality, we may use a mix of these for different types of effects or to add dimension to your hair. Now that you know the different types of colour services that we typically deal with, let’s explain why a consultation is important.

The importance of having a consultation before a colour service

Hair Gallery Hobart is a professional salon that focuses on providing outstanding customer service. Before anything, we focus on the satisfaction and safety of our clients and that starts with our consultation process.

Learning about colour choices

Colouring your hair can be a huge commitment, especially if you choose a permanent option that will last for a very long time. Everyone’s hair starts as a different shade and this needs to be taken into consideration to ensure that your target hair colour can be achieved. However, for those of us that aren’t sure what colour to pick, our specialists can explain the different options available to you and offer suggestions to ensure they match your skin tone.

As stylists, it’s our job to provide you with a range of colour options, but we can also inspire you with different colour options and styles. For more ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Getting an accurate quotation

It’s also important to have a consultation to ensure an accurate quotation. Everyone has different hair colour goals that they want to achieve, meaning it’s vital that you seek a consultation so that there are no surprises.

Your quote will generally depend on how complex you want your hair to be, how much hair you have and also the types of colours that you choose. We could give you a generic estimation over the phone, but we won’t know exactly how much you could expect to pay unless we see you in person and examine your hair.