It’s a moment that we all dread. Brushing through your hair in the mirror and starting to see those first streaks of silver smiling at us from within that lustrous mane. You may have assumed that you wouldn’t have to contemplate grey hairs at all until you were well into middle age. But grey can strike in your early 30s or even your mid to late 20s. When they first announce their presence in the mirror, it can be a real shock.

You could be forgiven for assuming that nothing will ever be the same again. That you’re forever doomed to grapple with high-maintenance hair for the rest of your life. But you needn’t be doomed to spending a fortune on bottled dyes and scanning your reflection in the mirror for new twinkles of silver every day.

Grey hairs can be tamed in a number of ways that are easy to implement and maintain. For instance…

Change your style

The good news is that you don’t need to take the plunge by experimenting with box dyes. In fact, doing so may compromise the health of your hair. Especially if you’re doing it on your own with over the counter products. An easier, healthier and lower-maintenance alternative may be to change your style. Get creative trying out different looks. Something as simple as parting it from the other side or the middle can be enough to mask your grey hairs. Or try a bun or braids to cover greying roots completely. If all else fails, you can always try covering grey hairs with a headband.

Mix it up with some highlights

As tempting as it may feel to “go nuclear” in treating your grey hairs, it’s best to try the least transformative solutions first. For instance, you may want to try adding a few highlights to your base colour to help conceal the greys without making huge changes to your appearance. If you only have a few grey hairs, your colourist will be able to target the areas most affected to blend greys seamlessly with highlights. This is very low maintenance and easy to adjust to. Alternatively, a brass break could lighten your roots and make greys much less noticeable.

Use a colour preserving shampoo to keep your highlights dazzling.

Get a single process colour service

Finally, if you’d rather use the “nuclear option” and you’re ready for a bolder change, you may want to book a single process colour service with your stylist. They’ll be able to advise you on a colour that will look great while also protecting your hair and not needing too much upkeep. You may see regrowth within 7-10 days but this can be concealed easily enough with a touch-up spray or root concealer. 

Make us your weapon of choice in the battle against the grey!

Battling grey hair on your own can feel like an uphill struggle. Especially if you’re not sure what colours or products are best suited to your hair. Let one of our skilled and experienced stylists take care of your hair and provide you with an effective yet low-maintenance solution to battle the grey. Click Here to book your appointment with a talented hairdresser in Hobart today.