You have beautiful natural curls. Your voluminous, lustrous hair is the envy of your friends. And under absolutely perfect circumstances, you’re very proud of them. There’s just a slight problem. Whenever it gets too hot, too humid or too much like a day that ends in a “y” your natural curls turn to frizz.

And when your hair gets frizzy, it can feel as though grappling with it is like engaging in a tug-of-war. One that you know you’ll never win. If only there were some way to tame your natural curls. As a matter of fact, there are lots of ways to banish frizzy hair and revitalise your curls. Here are a few pro tips used by our Hobart hairdressers to help our clients fall in love with their curls again…

It all starts with a good cut

Frizzy hair starts at the ends. People with natural curls may have naturally dry hair, and when hair gets dried out and damaged at the end, this is what can make us look like Hermione Granger after an accident in potions class. Sometimes, just trimming the dry or damaged hair off the ends can lend your curls a new lease of life.

Let your hair air dry 

Heat is the enemy of natural curls. When you set your hairdryer to a temperature that’s too hot, or hold it too close to your hair, it can do damage that exacerbates your frizz. Instead, let your hair air dry until it’s almost completely dry, before using your hairdryer on a low setting. Keep it at least 6 inches away from your hair.

Keep on conditioning (even if you don’t wash your hair)

Natural curls just need a little more love. And that means that naturally curly hair needs to be washed and conditioned a little more than straight hair. Wash your hair with a shampoo that contains glycerin. This will help you to hydrate your hair. Ideally, you should avoid shampoos containing sulphates as these can actually dry out your hair. Furthermore, you should always condition your hair after washing. Ideally, you should also condition your hair twice a week without washing it. This will ensure that your hair is nourished and hydrated so you can enjoy your beautiful curls without worrying about dryness and frizz.

Target small areas of frizz with this pro trick

Sometimes you may get tiny pockets of frizz that just will not behave themselves no matter how well you look after your hair. But even these can be tamed with this trick used by professionals. Use a mascara applicator wand that’s been sprayed with hairspray. This will allow you to target unruly hair with precision. 

You shall go to the ball, Frizzerella! 

Still wrestling with your curls? Let us help you keep them under control!

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