Getting hair extensions is a great way to make your hair longer without waiting for it to grow or wearing a wig. Extensions also hide damaged hair and offer additional volume. If you have yet to get hair extensions, however, you may have a few questions and concerns that you want to address before booking a session with a hairstylist. Worry not, because your questions will be answered in this article.

Here are four frequently asked questions about hair extensions:

Do hair extensions give the wearer headaches?

This largely depends on the type of hair extensions that you get. The type of hair extensions that have a reputation for causing headaches is clip-on extensions. You may feel uncomfortable or feel like your head is sore if the clips are not properly attached. Another cause for headaches is too many extensions on your head. The unfamiliar weight of your new locks might pull on your scalp too much, resulting in a headache.

If you have clip-on extensions and experience a headache, there is no need to go to the salon again. You can simply adjust the clips, shifting them until your head feels better. This will take only a couple of minutes. If you don’t want to experience headaches at all, however, it is recommended that you avoid sleeping with them on. The clips can get tangled when you shift in your sleep, causing a headache. It might also damage both the extensions and your real hair.

Is there a completely safe way to have hair extensions permanently installed?

Yes! If you want to get hair extensions that stay on permanently, opt for cold fusion or micro ring extensions. Your hair strands will be fused with small rings and beads without any heat or glue involved. If you do not want to wear your extensions anymore, you can have them removed by a professional at any time. The hairstylist will simply open up beads to get the extensions out. Although the procedure may seem rather easy, you still need a stylist to attach the beads for you.

Do hair extensions hurt?

If your hair extensions are attached correctly, you shouldn’t feel any pain at all. That said, note that you may feel some discomfort if your scalp is sensitive. The majority of people who are new to getting extensions report feeling some discomfort after the fitting. Keep in mind that this is normal. The pain will subside and disappear after you have worn the extensions for a few days and gotten used to them.

Aside from a sensitive scalp, another element that can cause discomfort is the new weight of the hair. Adding hair extensions means that you are adding extra weight to your head. You may feel pain or discomfort right after the fitting, especially if the hairstylist attaches them too tightly.

How long does it take the wearer to get used to hair extensions?

When you first get your extensions, everything is going to feel tight and uncomfortable. This is because of how the bonds are placed close to your scalp. Don’t worry—this is a method to ensure that your hair extensions stay secure. It is crucial to leave only a tiny gap between the extension and scalp. When your hair grows, it will move in the right direction and not be restricted. You will get used to the feeling a couple of days after your visit to the salon. The discomfort should completely subside within a week, assuming that your hair was done by a pro.


Hair extensions are a great way to add some volume to your locks without having to wear excessive amounts of volumising powder every day. If you’re looking for a hair salon in Hobart with experienced hairdressers to give you a fresh look, pay us a visit today!